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Move the Ike On

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The Future of IKE Box

The IKE Box is a favorite local to Salem coffee shop, and so much more than a coffee shop. Built 100 years ago as a funeral home, it has a storied history and quirky charm. Operated since 2004 by the non-profit Isaac’s Room, it has a noble purpose and, we believe, a storied future.

We train, mentor, and employ divested youth in an apprenticeship program that restores dignity and builds self-sufficiency through belonging to a team, gaining skills, and working hard.

The great work of our youth, along with 10,000 square feet of wonderfully weird rooms and spaces in a strategic location near the state capitol, has made the IKE Box a beloved community center, visited by 450 customers a day over 60 groups regularly. Often referred to as Salem’s Living Room, it is a true Salem icon.

And now this icon is threatened with demolition, an unintended casualty of a great opportunity for Salem to build a new YMCA. The IKE Box is owned by the Y, and the property under it is needed for the housing component of the new Y campus.

It is literally move it or lose it. So we hope to save this icon – by moving the IKE on!

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Why move the IKE on?

A year ago we learned the IKE Box could be torn down to make way for the housing component of the YMCA's new campus. We've been studying the viability of saving the IKE Box ever since. If we don’t move it, we lose it.

What exactly would be lost if it’s torn down?

Besides its historical significance, IKE Box is the home base for Isaac’s Room. Sure, we serve fabulous coffee, but our main focus is serving Salem’s divested youth. Losing the Ike Box would mean the loss of our offices, programs and operations...and that fabulous coffee.

Why not find another space?

Why not build a new IKE Box?

Why not use the Isaac's Location?

There just isn’t another space in town to house our coffeeshop, offices, and Isaac’s Room Programs all for a reasonable price. Coffee has always been the vehicle for our greater mission. We simply cannot have one without the other.

It would cost more than $2 million to replicate the IKE Box's 10,000 square feet of program space, offices and coffee shop. That's assuming we could find adequate land downtown, which is very unlikely. Which means we'd have to start over on building our customer base elsewhere.

Our new Isaac's establishment was always intended to be a second location downtown; not a replacement for the IKE Box. On top of that, we are utilizing every inch of Isaac’s for it’s intended purpose. There simply is not room there.

So what happens now?

We have spent many days and nights reviewing all possible options to both preserve the heart and soul of IKE Box, as well as maintain the mission and momentum of Isaac’s Room. Therefore, even though it's a huge challenge, moving the IKE Box is the most responsible and feasible financial route for us to take. With YOUR help, we hope to raise $1.5 Million dollars to relocate and renovate the Ike Box, all while preserving the location, community and culture that makes IKE Box so unique. Many have been moved by the IKE Box, so now it’s time to...

Move the Ike On

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